Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ghosts: Part 6f - Poltergeists

This will be my last section on types of ghost. There are many others which I wont detail as they are more or less the same as the rest but for anyone interested here's a list of them:
  • Ghost lights
  • Streaming Ghost energy
  • Rods/Swimmers
  • Energy Rod
  • Evil Spirits/Demons (Will be covered in another topic of investigation)
  • Crowd Demons
  • Residue Haunting
  • Spirits
  • Angels
Poltergeists are invisible spirits which can make noises and move things. They are traditionally thought to be ghosts although some people believe they are spontaneous telekinesis so the topic will probably be revisited when I investigate psychic powers. Poltergeists are most often violent and have been know to attack people. As poltergeists are all about moving objects and making noises there will be no pictures. So lets see some videos, I suggest watching them before reading my comments :)

Every other video I've seen so far has obviously been fake but this one I'm not so sure about. It could have been faked by three people who had perfect timing and choreography. One person in the cupboard to open and slam the door and with a thin piece of wire to make it move. Another person in the kitchen with a wire to pull the door open. And a third person behind the camera to make sound effects and attract the dogs attention. The flipping roll of tissue could have been faked with a wire being pulled using a pulley off camera, the wire would be attached firmly to the tissue but would become unattached if pulled with enough force. However, the dogs agitation would have to be very well trained. The door opening and closing as if being kicked would need very strong wires which would still have to thin enough to not be seen. And also the speed at which the tissue spins seems unlikely if it were done with a wire and pulley arrangement.

Also there is the possibility of video editing being used.

If it's fake then it is exceptionally well done. But I'm leaning towards this actually being legitimate.

This one is either strong magnets or real not enough to go on really.

This one is insane. Either a very impressive fake or real. This guy has even more videos too. Here's his profile:

My next post will be a summary of all the ghost posts so far and then I'm going to move on to UFO's. When I finally can afford some equipment I will return to ghost posts and do some actual investigating.


  1. the second guy has some creepy vids on his youtube

  2. Do you know where the word "Poltergeist" comes from? Sounds european to me

  3. Personally, I think that the only types of ghosts are residual and intelligent. With consciousness being the difference between the two.

  4. Nice post, I love reading about this kind of stuff.

  5. I really don't believe in spirits of the past... still it intrigues me, If you could become a spirit you can be immortal!

  6. Must admit that poltergeists are the only things that would worry me, with the potential to actually injure you and all

  7. Believe it or not, the SECOND the dog barked and the paper towel roll flew in this video, my dog next to me started barking as well. I about lost it...

    Can't wait to see you UFO posts when they come out.

  8. These videos are freaky. I'm going to watch them again.

  9. Those magnets... I'll be checking back soon!

  10. Eee, a little creepy. But still interesting, I think.

  11. Reminds me of scooby doo..