Friday, 18 March 2011

Cryptids: Part 1 - A list

Hey everybody sorry about the lack of posting. I've had a busy week and have a cold. Just a short post to confirm that I shall now be researching cryptids. I'll be starting with UK based ones as they are the easiest for me to investigate. After looking into them I'll research the more famous international ones and any that I find more interesting than the rest. Here's a list of cryptids from wikipedia so it's likely that some info is incorrect and that it is possibly an incomplete list:

Enjoy :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ghosts: Part 7 - Summary

A basic summary of all of the ghost posts so far before I move on to another topic  :)

Part 1: I posted what I knew about ghosts from the top of my head. It was mostly right and not much I can add to it really.

Part 2: I listed some sites with information about ghosts and ghost hunting.

Part 3: I listed some nearby locations I could investigate.

Part 4: I made a note of the equipment I will need.

Part 5: I watched a fairly famous ghost video and pointed out how it is likely fake and how not to investigate. Mainly as a reminder to myself of what I should do when I have a camera.

Part 6a: Ghost mist
Part 6b: Orbs
Part 6c: Vortex
Part 6d: Shadow Ghosts
Part 6e: Apparitions
Part 6f: Poltergeists

I'm gonna be pretty busy with work the next few days but I will try to have time to start the next topic.

What would everyone rather I research next? UFO's, Cryptids, Psychic powers or some other paranormal phenomena?

Personally I'm very interested in cryptids but I will go with the majority vote cuz after all I don't have equipment to investigate them yet :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ghosts: Part 6f - Poltergeists

This will be my last section on types of ghost. There are many others which I wont detail as they are more or less the same as the rest but for anyone interested here's a list of them:
  • Ghost lights
  • Streaming Ghost energy
  • Rods/Swimmers
  • Energy Rod
  • Evil Spirits/Demons (Will be covered in another topic of investigation)
  • Crowd Demons
  • Residue Haunting
  • Spirits
  • Angels
Poltergeists are invisible spirits which can make noises and move things. They are traditionally thought to be ghosts although some people believe they are spontaneous telekinesis so the topic will probably be revisited when I investigate psychic powers. Poltergeists are most often violent and have been know to attack people. As poltergeists are all about moving objects and making noises there will be no pictures. So lets see some videos, I suggest watching them before reading my comments :)

Every other video I've seen so far has obviously been fake but this one I'm not so sure about. It could have been faked by three people who had perfect timing and choreography. One person in the cupboard to open and slam the door and with a thin piece of wire to make it move. Another person in the kitchen with a wire to pull the door open. And a third person behind the camera to make sound effects and attract the dogs attention. The flipping roll of tissue could have been faked with a wire being pulled using a pulley off camera, the wire would be attached firmly to the tissue but would become unattached if pulled with enough force. However, the dogs agitation would have to be very well trained. The door opening and closing as if being kicked would need very strong wires which would still have to thin enough to not be seen. And also the speed at which the tissue spins seems unlikely if it were done with a wire and pulley arrangement.

Also there is the possibility of video editing being used.

If it's fake then it is exceptionally well done. But I'm leaning towards this actually being legitimate.

This one is either strong magnets or real not enough to go on really.

This one is insane. Either a very impressive fake or real. This guy has even more videos too. Here's his profile:

My next post will be a summary of all the ghost posts so far and then I'm going to move on to UFO's. When I finally can afford some equipment I will return to ghost posts and do some actual investigating.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ghosts: Part 6e - Apparitions

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been majorly busy the past few days.

Apparitions are ghosts which look exactly like the person they once were except they are transparent. Apparently they are the rarest form of ghost and are almost impossible to catch on film, which to me just sounds like people use that as an excuse to say they've seen a ghost but have no proof even though they had a camera. Logically they should be more visible on film than to the naked eye because camera's take pictures of what can be seen and these days they can pick up details so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. Anyways here's some pictures of apparitions.

As you can see I have gone for older photos this time. Photoshop makes pics so much easier to fakes these days. Even back when camera's were new they could be faked although the process was more difficult. I'm unsure what to make of these pictures so I'll just leave them for your browsing pleasure :) Here's a video
Not much to make of it really but it's definately see-through lol.

Pictures taken from these sites:

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ghosts: Part 6d - Shadow Ghosts

These ghosts are basically shadows. Have you ever seen some sort of shadowy form out of the corner of your eye? It could have been one of these or could just have been your imagination. They can be any shape and can be seen in mirrors too. Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Not much to say about these really. The first could easily just be someone standing in the background so only the people there at the time would know if it's real or not. The second is just a shadowy staircase with a bit that's more shadowy than the rest and the last could be something behind the pillar casting a shadow. Here's a couple of videos:
Definately creepy but are they real? It's harder to fake a video than an image but it's nowhere near impossible to do.

Images were taken from these sites:

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ghosts: Part 6c - Vortex

These are sort of a cross between mist and orbs. They are long streaks of light, essentially a very large orb. Like orbs I think that these can be easily explained as camera defects or as something moving very quickly that the flash reflected off of. Anyway here's some pictures :)

The first picture is clearly a strand of hair up close and the third one is probably the flash reflecting off something. The second image does defy explanation other than a camera defect or a photoshop but I don't want to use that as an explanation because just assuming a camera defect is just that same as assuming it's real. Here's a "video":
I don't believe this is real at all. Not for any particular reason just because its not an actual video but a few still images. It just seems a little bit too coincidental that something that happens that quickly is caught on a camera which must be set up on a tripod as the positioning doesn't change at all.

Images taken from the following sites: