Friday, 18 February 2011

Ghosts: Part 4 - Equipment

I just thought I'd make a list of equipment I will require for when I head out investigating places.

Firstly if I'm in an old abandoned building I would obviously need basic provisions of food, drink and warm clothing or a blanket. But they will not produce results so I only list them as a reminder to myself for when I'm getting everything ready.

I intend to buy a good HD video camera to record every moment of my investigations to share with the world via youtube. I would also like to buy a good camera to have some photographic evidence of my investigations.

I will need a sensitive recording device to record any sounds that occur and maybe record some EVP which wouldn't prove anything but would be interesting to hear.

There are some other small things that I think I should bring as potential for proving certain events are occuring.

If a door were to close on it's own then I'd need some way of proving that there is no draft. This can easily be done by simply suspending a piece of paper or a feather on a string.

Obviously I wouldn't be able to prove any strange smells but if I have a quick acting thermometer device then I could show any changes in temperature.

That's all I can think of right now. If anyone can think of anything else let me know :D


  1. Cant wait till your first investigation ^^

  2. Haha, great idea! You should team up with the Ghostfacers!

  3. sounds expensive. How much is everything if you dont mind me asking?

  4. Not sure of the cost yet but probably a lot lol

  5. i truelly cant wait for your first investigation

  6. let us know about the first investigation!

  7. i used to use a digital voice recorder, and a decent resolution digital camera for pictures, video, and optional night vision. might be cool if you can find one with a thermal imaging option but prolly not cheap.

    also, you dont have a flashlight on your list...if you want one, you may want to consider bringing an eyepatch as well.

    a flashlight will wreck your night vision when it dies or you turn it off, but if you use it with an eyepatch and then turn it off and switch the patch to the other eye, you can see in the dark again immediately.

    that's why pirates used to use them. dim lighting when they'd go below deck in the daytime.

  8. lol I can't believe I forgot to put a flashlight on the list. I'll definately use an eyepatch too :) thanks Anonymouse

  9. HD equipment might be good, but itll turn out bad without proper lighting techniques.

  10. HD is the way to go now a days the spooks cant hide anymore with that type of High quality video.