Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ghosts: Part 5 - How Not To Ghost Hunt

Today I present you the Smith Building ghost videos. Watch them first and then see my notes below.

Part 1 is a link because it doesn't want to be available for being put on the blog for some reason :s

Part 2:
Part 3:

Part 4:

I think that the video is a fake and if it isn't then it is very badly done. I understand that they were scared but they could have made more of an effort. Here's some notes I've made on what happens and how the video should have been made.

Part 1

1:42 - Something falls to the ground randomly.on camera. The guy filming reacts by spinning around and commenting about the ghost being there. He doesn't mention the thing falling and doesn't investigate it despite it happening right in front of him. If the video is real then why didn't he go and have a look? If it's fake then obviously he didn't go because whoever made it fall would have been caught on film.

3:20 - Despite the lights turning off and on in the room he decides not to actually look in the room. No matter how scared he was he could have at least held the camera in there to show the room. Same goes for the doors that close as he walks by them earlier in the video.

3:58 - A piece of wood falls to the ground. Two rooms are next to where it fell. He looks in one, ignores the other and then looks in the room down the hall. Just seems a bit choreographed to me.

Part 2

0:14 - Door slams and gets ignored.

0:22 - Ghost girl standing in the corner in the darkness. Things which should be done for authenticity include turning on the light, getting a good camera shot, getting closer, filming to see what happens. What he does is run away almost instantly.

2:30 - Goes to investigate some noises. Light goes on and off and he runs away.

2:48 - Ghost girl in the same room and same corner. Sees her for barely a second screams and runs away.

3:29 - You can clearly see him checking the position of the light switch then taking one step and the light suddenly goes off...

4:50 - The world record for shortest time on camera is held by this view of the ghost girl.

Part 3

1:42 - I'm not sure what happens here it's too dark. He said he was going to talk to her. The girl seems to be gone from the room but then he says something about a big f*cker and then runs away.

2:07 - Big bang and smashing noise. No investigation.

2:42 - Something falls and again the reaction is to turn away.

Part 4

1:36 - Somthing can be seen here but it violently snatches the world record out of the hands of the girl in part 2 and you can't actually tell what it is before he runs away.

2:38 - Some doors on a cupboard(?) slam. This is the only unexplainable bit in the video. Although the camera blur just before it happens and the lack of a good look inside could both be hiding something.

Obviously I haven't noted every incident of doors closing and noises but all of them are uninvestigated and any that are are done in a very unthorough way. It just seems too staged to be real. The few glimpses of the "ghost" that are there just look like a girl standing in the corner and there's nothing to prove that she is a ghost and not just the guys daughter or someone like that.

On a side note. I'm starting a couple of new blogs to showcase my writing incase anyones interested. The stories I write are usually either completely random or horror based so I'm going to start 2 blogs one for each type. I'll put the links up on my the side bar once I've got them up. I've got a few random stories that I can just copy and paste but there aren't any horror stories on my laptop so that blog will probably take a little bit longer to be made.


  1. Why would you be investigating if you are scared? Makes no sense to me. The story blogs sound great. Can't wait to see them.

  2. Ghosts scare the crap out of me.

  3. how not to hunt ghosts play by play haha love it. must keep seeking the truth!

  4. It's interesting to see the critique of it, most of these are fake of course but seeing other people be critical is nice

  5. i guess they tried to make it suspenseful?

  6. Haha is that actually a logical analysis of a ghost hunt video. Nice, and yeah looks staged.

  7. dude I hate ghosts. thanks for the tip

  8. All these ghost shows are fake. They're just trying to make $

  9. In the second video, you can hear him turning off the light. Also, I don't understand why people are afraid of ghosts. Sure, they might startle you, but there's no reason to fear them.

  10. as creepy as they are, i love these types of videos

  11. haha, good post. i agree with ya.

  12. if ghosts really exist, there no reason theyd stick around to mess with us. id like fly around instead haha

  13. Blair Witch, the straight to youtube version.

  14. You can find more ways to not do something than to actually do something.

  15. I once had a vase literally implode in my living room, with no one around it. Still haven't found an explanation for that one, besides ghosts...

  16. No offense, but I can't believe people in this day and age still believe in ghosts.

  17. I think its always good to try and prove what you are seeing isn't fake. Debunking ftw.